Jennifer E. Padilla

XOR Logic

XOR Logic acrylic on canvas painting by Jennifer E. Padilla

"XOR Logic". Acrylic on canvas, 48x48.

This work evokes the visual impact of an array of geometric tiles. From any tile position, look at the tile below and the tile to the left. Are they both light blue or both dark blue? If so, then the tile you are looking at should be light blue. If instead there is one light blue and one dark blue tile in the positions below and to the left, then the tile you are looking at should be dark blue. From this rule, a fractal pattern begins to emerge. It is a manifestation of the "Exclusive OR" (XOR) logic gate, an element of the computer circuits operating in your laptop or your phone. The emerging pattern is known as the Sierpinski triangle. This work explores the early moments of that progression where one can observe the logical XOR rule while just beginning to perceive the triangular Sierpinski fractal pattern.

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